2 - 5 players, ages 13 and up
60 - 90 minutes

Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, the city of Québec is, without a doubt, one of the most historically significant cities in North America. In this game, you are in charge of a rich family whose goal is to acquire influence by building the city of Québec. The game covers four centuries during which you will build the most prestigious buildings and places of the city, all the while ensuring your presence in the great spheres of power. It is up to you, and your adversaries, to build Québec in your colours!

Québec is a strategy game different from other Scorpion masqué light games. That's why you'll find 3 rules sets, perfect for players of all skills!

"Reminiscent of El Grande but with stronger themeing, this Euro offers what you want in a game of its type -- multiple strategies to explore, depth of decision making, and solid pacing." - Jason Matthews, BGG

"A very solid, well though-out game. There is purposeful emphasis on interaction, with each player contributing workers to their opponents' buildings to gain important benefits. (...) Unique and enjoyable." - Andrew Parks, BGG

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You can play Québec online for FREE on Vassal, a "virtual table" (without AI).

  • Get to Vassal Forge and install it.
  • Download the Québec module (richt clic this link).
  • Play with your friends!
  • You must know the rules, as there is no AI.
  • You may consult this French vidéo to help you manipulate the pieces.


(We are preparing more English videos)

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Pierre Poissant-Marquis, historian and codesigner of Québec, wrote historical texts to present every building, leader and event in the game.
(more to come!)


Codesigner Philippe Beaudoin tells you the 4 years he and Pierre took to design this game.

Promo card : Hitchcock at Québec 

In 1952,  Alfred Hitchcock film I Confess in Québec City. We celebrate this with a special event!

This card is available at the BGG store.

Québec, a game by Philippe Beaudoin and Pierre Poissant-Marquis, illustré par Mariusz Gandzel et publié par Le Scorpion masqué and Ystari Games.

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