TerrorEyes is a game of speed (and luck!) where players must help poor TerrorEyes, the monster, find his eyes! To do this, one player rolls the big green Eye Dice as fast as possible while the others roll a red die, hoping to get the hand side (...hmmm... do monsters have hands? Paws maybe? Monster paws?? Hmmmm...) to steal the Eye Dice. The player who puts the third eye back in its place wins the round! As is often the case in Scorpion Masqué games, you'll see a lot of action!

To spice it up a little bit, "experts" can add Action Cards that the player with the Eye Dice will have to fulfill: touch your nose with your toe, turn around 5 times, and other silly things!


1 Rules Sheet
3 green Eye Dice
1 red Hand Die
46 Eye Cards
10 Action Cards

 Speed   Fun   Action   Luck