Flashback : Zombie Kidz

Launch trailer I Flashback : Zombie Kidz

Lead the investigation in the universe of Zombie Kidz. Your mission: foil the zombies’ nefarious plans!

Flashback is an investigation game using pictures. Embark on a cooperative adventure with other kids or with your whole family in a world frozen in time. Explore the past to solve mysteries in the present, and change the future to save the world! 
Discover the whole story, bit by bit, through the eyes of the characters living it.

Put together all the points of view to discover clues, uncover and figure out mysteries, and answer the final questions. Understanding the past might help you to change the future and save the world from the horrible monsters!

Flashback: Zombie Kidz is a huge story, replayable in a completely different way each time using gizmos hidden in the box that will enrich the overall gameplay experience.

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• 80 Large Cards
• 30 Mystery Cards
• 2 Envelopes
• 1 Sealed Box
• 1 Rulebook including a sealed section


Dear Investigator, the Zombie have sabotaged a card and we need your help to put things back the way they were. To not miss any mystery, peel off the sticker on the plastic of your game box and click HERE.

Play Flashback: Zombie Kidz mini memory now and learn how to play! 

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