The Scorpion Masqué (the Masked Scorpion) is a game publisher based in Montréal, Québec, who travels around the world looking for new adventures. 
Here is the manifesto he lives by...

Games bring people together. You have to admit, that's pretty amazing!

The best games can't live without gamers - just like the best books can't live without readers.

People tend to forget they love to play games.

Although it helps develop skills like reasoning, logical thought, communication and dexterity, gaming remains a free act in and of itself, without any other goal than the pleasure it provides.

Most people don't know much about board games and their incredible variety, and the fabulous universes they create.

Games are as much a part of a people's cultural expression as its literature, arts, food, and music.

The current trend toward globalization gives people an unprecedented opportunity to assert their own cultures and to learn about others.

Le Scorpion Masqué is therefore the expression of his creators: citizens of Québec (French speakers!), open to the world, and curious to hear the other citizens of the planet tell their own stories.

The Scorpion Masqué strives to keep the gaming culture here, and abroad, fresh by proposing original games that are fun and that bring us together, whoever we are.

The Green Scorpion

Without trying to save the world, the Scorpion Masqué strongly believes he can lend a claw to help the planet. 

To do this, the Scorpion Masqué has partnered with Tree Canada, financing the replacement of trees that were used to make the Scorpion Masqué's games.

Since July 2010, the Scorpion Masqué has helped plant 30 935 trees (January 2023).