Strategic Decisions   It takes time to make a good game. That’s why we have an 18-month period between the moment we start work on a game and its release. This means that we often sign prototypes 2 years before the final version appears on store shelves! This development period that we give ourselves requires us to look more efficiently toward the future and to plan better. 

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2019: In Words and Numbers

Well, here we are: the 4th Scorpion Masqué Year-End Review (and the first to be translated into English!), in words, thoughts, and numbers!Year End Review?For newcomers, my name is Christian Lemay, and I founded Scorpion Masqué in 2006. Every year since 2016 I’ve put together a review of what we’ve been doing for the past 12 months, and also added my thoughts on the board game industry, the marketplace, and how it has evolved over the year. In addition to this, I also give some very juicy financial details. The thinking behind sharing this kind of information was inspired by Steve Jackson Games's Annual Stakeholder Report, as written up by their CEO, Phil Reed.

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Another Hypothesis...

Games today are less confrontational because they measure us subjectively rather than objectively.

Every time a journalist or radio host interviews me, they invariably ask me why there has been such a resurgence of interest in board games. Rediscovering human contact and the desire to avoid screens are the kinds of answers that the media like to hear (yes, yes, it’s always best to tell the media what they want to hear). But is there more to it than that…?I’d like to propose another hypothesis here: games today are less confrontational because they measure us subjectively rather than objectively.Trivia games dominated the ‘adult game’ marketplace throughout the '80s and into the '90s. In this type of game you either know the answer to a question… or you don’t. Your knowledge or abilities are being measured objectively.

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In the face of the explosion of excellent games that release each and every year, we (gaming enthusiasts) buy (a lot!) more games now than we did 10 or 15 years ago. Even when we do our best to control ourselves, we see our friends busily backing 3 Kickstarters every week, going to endless festivals and conventions, and of course, bringing back all the hot-ticket games that generated buzz and were “absolute must-haves.”The result of this glut of titles is that we end up playing each game far fewer times, regardless of the quality of the game or how much happiness it brings us.

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2019: The Year To Come!

I’m very pleased to wish you all a happy 2019. I hope that you are able to do all the ‘stuff’ that is most important to you in the coming year. :)As I usually do in my ‘civilian life,’ I use January to give myself objectives to achieve before the end of that year. Some have to do with numbers, like the end-of-year sales figures, or the number of subscribers to our Facebook page. Others tend to be actions (in the broadest sense of the word) to be taken. For example, publishing a certain game, reviewing our production methods, or putting in place some marketing technique.

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About Scorpion Masqué

Founded in 2006, Scorpion Masqué is a Montreal board game publisher that offers games that are both simple and original: Zombie Kidz: Evolution, Decrypto, Stay Cool, Monster Chase, J'te gage que ... / Bluff Party, Miss Poutine ... Our games can be found in more than 20 languages, in over forty countries.