2019: In Words and Numbers

Well, here we are: the 4th Scorpion Masqué Year-End Review (and the first to be translated into English!), in words, thoughts, and numbers!Year End Review?For newcomers, my name is Christian Lemay, and I founded Scorpion Masqué in 2006. Every year since 2016 I’ve put together a review of what we’ve been doing for the past 12 months, and also added my thoughts on the board game industry, the marketplace, and how it has evolved over the year. In addition to this, I also give some very juicy financial details. The thinking behind sharing this kind of information was inspired by Steve Jackson Games's Annual Stakeholder Report, as written up by their CEO, Phil Reed.

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About Scorpion Masqué

Founded in 2006, Scorpion Masqué is a Montreal board game publisher that offers games that are both simple and original: Zombie Kidz: Evolution, Decrypto, Stay Cool, Monster Chase, J'te gage que ... / Bluff Party, Miss Poutine ... Our games can be found in more than 20 languages, in over forty countries.