Christian Lemay
Grand Poobah

Driven since childhood by an unwavering passion for board games, Christian founded the Scorpion Masqué in the summer of 2006; an improbable project whose success soon stretched well beyond the borders of his native Quebec. In June of 2008, Christian left his job as a teacher of literature to dedicate himself completely to the publishing of games. A part-time designer himself, he created (or co-created)  Bluff Party, Super Comics, Loot'N Run et  Wendigo.

From party games and strategy games to role-playing games and collectible card games; Christian loves them all. El Grande, Space Alert, Warhammer Invasion, 6 Nimmt!, Mare Nostrum, Tumblin’ Dice, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Hanabi, Codenames, Roll for the Galaxy, and Magic are amongst his favourite titles. This love of games also stretches into the world of sport, particularly Ultimate Frisbee, which he has played regularly since the early 2000s. In the summer of 2016 Christian and his Montreal-based team, NSOM, won the Canadian Ultimate Frisbee Championship in the ‘Masters’ category.

At the Scorpion Masqué Christian takes care of the company’s administrative and management duties, game development, and exporting.



Manuel Sanchez
Creative Director

« Manu » to his friends is a ‘Frenchman from France’ (as opposed to a French-Canadian!) in exile in Montreal since 2008. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, he became a Motion Designer and pursued a career in video, which led him to productions ranging from TV ads, to network spots, to music sessions. He is the director of the first 4K television network on Canadian airwaves (and one of the first in North America).

He co-founded Team Toulouse, a miniatures club, and Kraken publishing (Alkemy), which led to him working with miniatures for Asmodee (Helldorado), Days of Wonder (Memoir 44, Battlelore, Pirates’ Cove, Shadows Over Camelot…) His talents even afforded him a stint in CMON’s prestigious Top 10. Author of numerous articles on figurine painting (Ravage, Grand Livre de la Peinture de Figurine), he took part in the democratisation of airbrushing amongst painters.

Manuel loves games with rich universes: Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl, Confrontation (Rackham), Magic, and turn-based strategy games on PC, such as XCOM, as well as numerous RPGs. Party games aren’t forgotten either, with Codenames and Secret Hitler occupying solid positions in his top games.

Since his arrival at the Scorpion Masqué in may of 2015, Manu has taken the role of Artistic Director, done the tasks of graphic and motion designer, and now takes care of game production. He has become particularly involved in developing and initiating creative best practices for the Scorpion team, as well as for the illustrators and other freelancers who work for us from time to time.



Hélène Vigneault
Events and Game Demonstration

Hélène, is a well-known personality in Quebec gaming circles. She worked in both purchasing and sales for her family’s bookstore before running events and game demos for various publishers and distributors. It is worth noting that she founded her first gaming group at the age of 11!

An indefatigable gamer, she can be found at any and all conventions playing game in which strategy rules and luck takes a back-seat; Agricola, Terraforming Mars, and A Feast for Odin. Pandemic Legacy has been her best gaming experience to date.

At the Scorpion Masqué, Hélène takes care not only of organizing all local promotional activities (shows, festivals, in-store demos, and library events) but also produces a large part of our promotional materials.

She takes great pride in the fact that her daughter follows in her footsteps and lends a helping hand in demoing games at many events!


Carl Brière
Sales Manager


Sébastien Bizos
Graphic and Motion Designer


Matthew Legault