Decrypto : videorules

Communicate safely!

Join the greatest Encryptor team in the world!

Your mission: transmit secret codes to your teammates without letting the opposing team intercept.

Decrypto is a "scramble communication" game: you must give clues to your teammates that are precise enough, so they can understand you, but vague enough, to make sure your opponents don't get the message...



What they said about it...



This game is awesome—easily the best word game I’ve ever played. Every single person with whom I’ve played it has loved it and wanted to play again immediately.

- Geek under Grace

Decrypto is a fantastic, clever, creative word party game...

...You’ve got to start using other methods and different ways to think out of the box and is quite thinki…

Game Boy Geek


Big thumbs up on the theme. [...]it’s a game that everybody, everyone feels involved all the time. [...] it’s such a good combination of emotion and feelings [...] you want to be tricky while being clever. [...] it just has that popcorn vibe to it where you gotta have one more.

Zee Garcia, The dice tower


I love the aesthetic of floppy disks and the red-filter screens, but it’s the gameplay that really shines.

Geek Dad


When we play the game, usually it is such a hit that we play multiple games

Dale Yu, Opinionated Gamers


The game featured fancy 100% authentic spy-like card holders

Eric Martin, BGG







Note sheet

Material :

1 Sand Timer

2 Screens

110 Keyword cards (440 words)

48 Code cards

8 Tokens

 Communication   Teamplay   Deduction   


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