The Legend of the Wendigo

The legend of the Wendigo - video rules

The Wendigo, a dreadful creature with a heart of ice, has taken on the appearance of one of the scouts in your troop. Every night, he silently moves about and snatches another scout.

Put your heads together, keep your eyes peeled, and focus your energies on unmasking him before it’s too late!

The Legend of the Wendigo is a one-versus-many game of observation and memory in which one player plays the Wendigo and takes on all the other scouts.

"Kid Approved" by the Dice Tower

Winner of a 2017 Family Choice AWARD

Winner of the golden palm 2017 for best Illustrations

Contents :
1 Rule Sheet
1 sand timer (45 seconds)
32 Scout Tiles
32 Wendigo Tiles

 Observation   Cooperation   Memory 

Bonus games
Here are four bonus games that you can play with the content of your Wendigo box. Download printable version or screen version.