Zombie Teenz Evolution

Zombie Teenz Evolution - The Rules!

The Sequel to Zombie Kidz Evolution!

Zombies are wreaking havoc throughout the town. Cooperate with your friends and find the 4 ingredients to prepare the antidote that will change the zombies back to their human form!

Zombie Teenz is a game that evolves, like its predecessor, Zombie Kidz. These two games are different and independent, but compatible.

Work together, rid the town of zombies, make the antidote, open envelopes, and watch the game evolve!

(Toy of the Year: Poland)

• 1 Town Board
• 4 Hero Tokens
• 4 Zombie Horde Tokens
• 4 Overrun Building Tiles
• 4 Ingredient Crates
• 1 White Die
• 1 Completely Black Die
• 6 Event Cards
• 10 Evolution Envelopes
• 4 Accomplishment Envelopes
• 11 Plastic Supports
• 1 Rulebook
• 1 Sticker Sheet

  Cooperation        Evolution         Strategy  


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