Turbo Kidz

Turbo Kidz Launch trailer EN

Either cooperatively or competitively, be the first to cross the finish line in a series of hilarious races...blindfolded!

In Turbo Kidz, the Driver covers their eyes and must draw their circuit as fast as possible while still staying on the road. Their Co-Pilot guides them with their voice while moving the Driver’s thumb like a joystick and prevents them from going off the road!

Tear up the course on 16 unique circuits, keep ahead of the pack with turbo boosts, and customize your car with gadgets to send your opponents spinning into the ditch while
you zoom off to victory!


Available now!


• 16 Stage boards (2 x 8 stages)
• 2 Formula Z masks
• 1 Rulebook
• 2 Dry-erase markers
• 6 Car cards
• 1 Bomb template
• 1 Rope template
• 2 Cloths