Festival, a game that will dazzle you!

We are pleased to present Festival, a tile placement and stacking game designed by Grégory Grard and illustrated by Melody Leblond.   
Festival is a game that's accessible to the widest possible audience, but also offers gameplay choices with real depth to satisfy more experienced players. 
Cities all over the world are competing to put on the most beautiful festival. Put together the most spectacular fireworks display and drive your city to the top of the leaderboard! 

The rules are very simple: on your turn, place a Fireworks tile on your board or choose an objective. Earn maximum points by achieving your objectives and stacking your tiles as high as possible! 
Festival Designer Grégory Grard shares: "I wanted to make an objective-driven game that could be played by a wide audience. One of my inspirations was the game Point Salad (though it might be less obvious now!) with its brilliantly basic idea of simplicity: on my turn, I either take an objective, or I take a "resource" to complete those objectives. I also wanted to emphasize another important element that I often try to incorporate into my creations: Variable levels of play. Festival is very simple to explain and can be played with the whole family, but it also offers a challenge for players who enjoy optimization." 

Manuel Sanchez, Head of Studio at Scorpion Masqué adds: "At Scorpion Masqué, what we particularly like about Festival is that its super-simple concept also offers real depth of play packed into short, fast-paced games! We promise you an ultra-satisfying experience at an unbeatable price, for a game overflowing with components and thick tiles that are really fun to handle. This is also the first game Melody Leblond has illustrated, and we’re pretty sure that it won't be the last!  
Her naive, friendly, and colourful style hides a deep and touching artistic sensibility." 

With a strong theme and a real artistic flair, Festival draws you in to be part of the grand finale of this colourful competition. 
Illustrator Melody Leblond says: "When I was asked to illustrate Festival, I immediately fell in love with the originality of the brief: black background and bright colours – a real rarity on our shelves. The main idea was to keep things colourful, minimal, and highly visual, while keeping the lines and shapes simple, so that the game would be easy to understand. I also really enjoyed thinking about the eight city boards: choosing them, studying them, and trying to bring out the essential features." 

Festival is a game by Grégory Grard, published by Scorpion Masqué. It is illustrated by Melody Leblond. 
It will be available in stores this autumn for $19.99 USD, and can be played by 2 to 4 players, aged 8 and up.  
A game of Festival can be played in 20 minutes and promises a highly satisfying gaming experience.  

Where can you see / buy Festival before its release?  
•    Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN, USA, August 1-4, at the Hachette Boardgames booth.  
•    Festival des Jeux Vichy, France, at the trade show (September 15, 16, 17) and consumer show (September 21, 22), at the Blackrock booth.   
•    Essen Spiel, Germany, from October 3-6, in the Scorpion Masqué area at the Hachette Boardgames booth, in the presence of Grégory Grard and Melody Leblond.

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