Limited-Edition Official Dead Cells Collectible Figure

Dead Cells: Exclusive 1/8 Scale Collectible Figure by PureArts - Trailer

We've partnered with PureArts, one of the leading creators of collectible figurines, to manufacture a Kickstarter-exclusive Limited-Edition ‘Poisoned Beheaded’ Collectible Figure, offered as an add-on. It is a completely hand-painted collector’s piece standing at 20 cm (8 inches), representing a character from the board game as conceived by illustrator Naïade, after the Beheaded character from the Dead Cells video game developed by Motion Twin. The figure is 3D sculpted by digital sculptor Thomas Choux.

Manuel Sanchez, Studio Director at Scorpion Masqué shares: I had been wanting to create something other than a simple game piece for our campaign, something larger, but we didn't have the expertise to make larger-scale collectible pieces. It was around this same time that we had a meeting at the PureArts studios for a completely different project... and we found ourselves surrounded by breathtaking AAA-licensed figurines of all sizes, and Dead Cells kind of stole the show from the other projects we'd met to discuss. They immediately jumped on the plan to make an exclusive collector's piece. And even though we were already deep in the the process of preparing the game, we found ourselves making budgets, presenting quotes, and discussing technical details in order to allow this unique piece to see the light of day especially for this campaign! I'm extremely proud to present it to you today, and I hope that our backers will love it as much as I do!”

Arnaud Perez, Managing Director of the Montreal PureArts Studio adds: “When Scorpion Masqué teased us with the information that they were putting together a board game version of Dead Cells, and that they wanted to create an exclusive statue for their Kickstarter campaign, there was no doubt in our minds that PureArts would do whatever we could to rise to the challenge and make this project a reality. The deadline to create the physical prototype before the launch was very tight. But the Scorpion Masqué, Motion Twin, and PureArts teams, along with our office in China, were able to pull off a miracle. The figurine is magnificent, and the color palette is simply incredible! The Dead Cells Kickstarter participants will be extremely satisfied! This is a statue that will hold a privileged place on my desk for a long time!”

The Motion Twin Dev Team added to the excitement over the exclusive add-on: “We at Motion Twin were such fans of Naïade's Beaheaded illustrations that we agreed that we needed to go one step further, and make a figurine. PureArts really nailed it; the pose, the level of detail, the finishing... It's awesome!”


PUREARTS® has been recognized internationally in collector and Designer figure communities for their artistic approach, dedication to detail, and unique storytelling through sculpture. 
PUREARTS® is one of the leading creator and manufacturer of premium quality collectible figurines for the video game and movie industries ever since its creation in 2008.
Working on brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Terminator, Batman, Lord of the Ring, League of  Legends, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Resident Evil and many others…

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