Sky Team, your next favorite 2-player game

We are proud to announce Sky Team, our first cooperative game for exclusively 2 players, designed by Luc Rémond.

With Sky Team, get ready for a unique experience thanks to a highly immersive game board.

Dear (future) pilots and copilots, enter your cockpit and take the controls of a commercial airliner! Working together coordinate your efforts and use your dice to make the best decisions and successfully land your plane at different airports around the world.

How to play? Turn after turn, strategically place all your dice on the control panel and complete the landing procedure: communicate with the control tower, adjust the plane's axis, manage the engine speed, apply the brakes, deploy the landing gear...
From Montreal to Tokyo, discover 11 airports and 21 exciting scenarios inspired by real landing conditions. Wind, kerosene leaks, traffic, ice... Each airport comes with its own set of challenges

With a very strong, pervasive theme and games you’ll play back-to-back, Scorpion Masqué promises an immersive and addictive gaming experience, with cooperation at the heart of the design.

Manual Sanchez, Director of Scorpion Masqué, shares: “Sky Team is our first two-player game... What’s more, it’s even cooperative! We quickly fell in love with Luc’s prototype. It had an original theme, with mechanics that tied into that theme perfectly. It created strong sensations and unique emotions... But it was also a new publishing challenge with its unique components, modular scenarios, and design needs. It was a huge adventure for the whole team!” 

Luc Rémond, game designer, adds: “The biggest challenge was to avoid making a flight simulator, but to design a game that created emotional moments. After documenting details on flight physics and unique aspects of airports, collaborating with real aviation professionals, I needed to focus all of this information into a design that inspired emotions and tensions in each game. In Sky Team, the team is the heart of the game. Cooperative through and through, without any quarterbacking. You can only succeed by trusting your partner. You have dice, but also total control over the situation.”

Since its public debut at Essen SPIEL 2022 and the Cannes International Games Festival 2023, Sky Team has been an instant hit. It’s taking off in style in preparation for its scheduled landing in October 2023.


Sky Team is a game for 2 players ages 14 and up by Luc Rémond, illustrated by Eric Hibbeler and Adrien Rives. You can find it in stores this fall for $29.99 USD.
A game of Sky Team plays in only 20 minutes but offers an incredibly deep experience.


Where to try/buy Sky Team before its release*?

•    Essen Spiel, Germany, October 5 to 8, at the Scorpion Masqué section of the Hachette Boardgames booth, with designer meet-and-greets. Pre-release with Essen-exclusive promo!

*This list may evolve


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