2019: The Year To Come!

I’m very pleased to wish you all a happy 2019. I hope that you are able to do all the ‘stuff’ that is most important to you in the coming year. :)

As I usually do in my ‘civilian life,’ I use January to give myself objectives to achieve before the end of that year. Some have to do with numbers, like the end-of-year sales figures, or the number of subscribers to our Facebook page. Others tend to be actions (in the broadest sense of the word) to be taken. For example, publishing a certain game, reviewing our production methods, or putting in place some marketing technique.

It’s actually fairly surprising the ‘ease’ with which some of these objectives can be met. Publishing the game “Stay Cool” or the expansion for Decrypto shouldn’t cause any significant problems, and we’re pretty certain that we’ll be able to do them. That’s exactly how we want it. Each objective set at the beginning of the year shouldn’t be almost out of reach, and like running in your first marathon, it’s important to congratulate yourself for what you’ve achieved. By the time December 2019 rolls around, I should be able to come back to this list and cross off most of the items on it. We will have worked hard for those results, and it’s important to bear that in mind, especially for our own self-confidence. It’s also important to remember that all of these small elements support the company’s numerical objectives. Publishing new games allows us to maintain and increase our sales figures, because sales of the older games tend to drop off, as a general rule.


So here’s our Publishing Schedule for 2019!

  • Stay Cool: The Multitasking Game!
  • “Licensed Game Whose Title We Can’t Reveal” (and which will only be distributed in Quebec)
  • The first expansion to Decrypto, where you have to reconsider the way in which you give clues.
  • Flash 8 (super-addictive speed game based on the ‘sliding tile puzzle’ by Joan Dufour)
  • Geraldine versus the 625 Moustachios (by Corentin Lebrat and Antoine Bauza, in the Little Monsters line)

Yes, 5 new games! If we make it, this will be our biggest year to date. In order to make this possible, we’re already well under way… 2 of the 5 games are already being produced!


So finally, I sincerely hope I meet up with as many of you as possible, and maybe even play some games together!

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Founder of Scorpion Masqué and "retired" literature teacher, Christian Lemay loves thinking about the board game medium, its cultural, commerical, and creative dimensions, and to share the fruits of these ruminations with the public.

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