Nominations for 2023 As d'Or: Turing Machine and Flashback Zombie Kidz!

This week, the jury of the Cannes International Games Festival unveiled the 12 games nominated for the "As d'Or" – French Game of the Year.
Among the selection, we are thrilled to see 2 nominations for Scorpion Masqué: Flashback: Zombie Kidz nominated in the "Kids" category and Turing Machine in the "Expert" category.

Congratulations to designers Baptiste Derrez and Marc-Antoine Doyon for Flashback: Zombie Kidz, and also the artists who illustrated the game beautifully.

Congratulations to designers Fabien Gridel and Yoann Levet for the genius and madness behind Turing Machine!

We are proud to have you on our side for these great adventures!
We’ll see you again on February 23rd with the results. In the meantime, the entire Scorpion Masqué team is smiling from ear to ear!


Manuel Sanchez, Director of Studio Scorpion Masqué: "For a Quebec game publisher like us, getting not one, but two nominations for the “As d’Or” at the Cannes International Games Festival is an extraordinary achievement and I can't hide the fact that I was overcome with emotion when I heard this news on Wednesday morning. You can't imagine the work and the passion put into these games – from the designers, to the illustrators, and of course the entire Scorpion Masqué team. That these games stood out as nominees for this prestigious award among the thousands of releases this year fills us with joy and pride..."
Flashback: Zombie Kidz is an investigation-through-images game that’s perfect for the whole family. It’s designed by Baptiste Derrez (currently working at a famous hobby store in Toulouse) and Marc-Antoine Doyon (member of the YouTube channel Es-tu Game, well-known role-playing and board game personalities in Quebec). Very few games immerse you like this one. It literally puts you in the place of the characters, making you see things from their perspectives. We also applaud the incredible work by the illustrators Jennifer Mati and Laure de Châteaubourg (from the video game industry), since we literally had to recreate the Zombie Kidz school in 3D to be able to see it from every angle! Last but not least, we can’t forget Michel Verdu who brought the characters of our universe to life in these superb scenes.
As for Turing Machine, it was a crazy project with crazy designers, basically a UFO that we were passionate about but one that gave us a hard time in terms of development, rules writing, and production. This unique deduction game by Fabien Gridel and Yoann Levet will remain a milestone in the history of Scorpion Masqué. It is nothing short of a computer made of punch cards that can answer the players’ questions. The players will have to use their brains to deduce a three-digit code. But don't worry, if you can tell that 1 is less than 3, you already know how to play! 
We are crossing all our fingers and toes to win and walk across the stage of the prestigious Palais des Festival in Cannes!”

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